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Perkins & Zayed - The Estate and Trust Law Group
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The Perkins & Zayed Solution to Estate Planning Uncertainty.

You Already Have an Estate Plan . . .
You Just Don't Know It.

There’s a good chance you believe it’s important to have an estate plan, like a will or a living trust. And there’s also a good reason why you haven’t met with an estate planning attorney to start the process.

What you might not know is someone has already set up an estate plan for you and it doesn’t require anything of you. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of estate plan you or your family will want when it’s finally needed. Find out what could be at stake if you continue to let that one thing get in the way of your estate planning.

Creating a personalized estate plan should not be time-consuming, confusing or overwhelming. The last thing you need is more work to do in your already busy life. And you should not have to carry the ongoing burden of trying to start – and complete – this important task while wondering if you did it legally correct.

After working with over 2,000 families in different life situations throughout the United States, Perkins & Zayed has created a process that makes estate planning easier and more comfortable for the people we work with. Discover how a Perkins & Zayed estate planning attorney will make this process easier for you.  The first step is to have John arrange a Zoom meeting with the Estate Planning Attorney.  

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